• About Us


    Dongguan Yaqi Lighting Co., Ltd (Yada) is the professional manufacturer in stage lighting and illumination products, which includes R&D, production, sales and service.


    The main products we provide include PAR CANS, LED PAR CANS, LED STUDIO LIGHT, LED CYC LIGHTS, LED PROFILE SPOT, COB BLINDERS, MIRROR BALLS, Accessories and so on. All of our products are CE certified as well as RoHS compliant. The quality has reached the international advanced level.


    Our products are popular in domestic and foreign market and widely used in Stage Theatre, Shows performance, Rental / Production, Event, Wedding, etc.


    With the management idea of “the high quality, the customer first and human oriented”, we sincerely welcome customers all over the world to cooperate with each other and make progress together!


    Copyright 2008 Yaqi Lighting Co.,Ltd, All rights reserved.

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